Workout Journal, Day 15 (Not thinking about it.)

November 18, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

There are certain things in life that are worth thinking about: where to go to college. What to do for your career. Where to go for dinner after going to the gym for the third straight week (that’s my big question of the night!)

One thing that’s not worth thinking about, though is, exercising while you’re exercising. Here’s what I mean. When I’m on the elliptical swinging my legs back and forth like crazy, if I think: “This is minute 13! If I keep pushing really hard and stay within the 130 to 140 strides per minute zone, I’ll only have 3 more minutes of high-intensity leg swinging and then I can relax.” That line of thinking is dangerous because it makes exercise a thing to endure instead of a thing that you just do.

Your best bet is to not think about it while you’re doing it. That’s why TVs at the gym are so helpful: you turn up the treadmill, turn on the boob tube, and bliss out on Housewives while your legs kick into action. The less you think about what’s happening the more likely you are to get through it without giving up.

This also applies to going to the gym in general. Back in my former attempts at gym-going, I would overthink my journey to the gym: do I really have time to swing by there? But I have to go home first and drop off that thing and be there when that package is delivered and if I do that I won’t have time to go back, blah blah blah. That’s overthinking the gym. Once again: just go.

In the spirit of that, today completes my third week of going to the gym 5 days in a row. Today my trainer, Danny, upped my game a bit by putting me through some “explosive” exercises—including one called a Boogie or a Boonie or (I forget what it’s called) where you hold this platform thing, push it out to the ground, kick your legs back, do a push-up, kick your legs back in, stand up and hold it over your head. I did 12 of those as part of a circuit (meaning, I really did 36).

And Danny also upped my game on the treadmill (now I’ll go to 8.5) and the elliptical (now it’s 30/60 resistance instead of 25/50). Things are getting serious before Thanksgiving! Next week the challenge will be exercising while home visiting my family in Boca. Stay tuned for more exercise excitement.

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