Workout Journal, Day 14 (Forcing yourself, being forced)

November 17, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

The treadmill offers one major advantage over the elliptical: it forces you to run.

Today, while trotting along at speed 8 for an additional minute (that’s 8 miles per hour) it occurred to me: “I have no choice but to run or I will fall and die.”

That’s an entirely different experience than the experience of the elliptical where I’m supposed to keep my stride between 130 and 140 at resistance 25 and between 110 and 120 at resistance 50. In the latter case, nothing’s forcing me to do that. Sometimes I get a burst of energy and overshoot the mark, shuffling along at 145 when when 135 would suffice. Most of the time I slip into a lower number and nothing’s there forcing me along.

The life metaphor here is that: sometimes it’s good to put yourself in a situation where you have to run. Which is why so many writers LOVE deadlines. Having a deadline forces you to write when you may or may not want to write. It’s setting the treadmill at Speed 8 when you may only feel capable of Speed 5. By pushing those buttons, you’re going to run at Speed 8 whether you want to or not.

Tomorrow completes my third week of working out like crazy. I think I deserve a doughnut this weekend.

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