Workout Journal, Day 13 (Pretty people gyms vs. Normal people gyms.)

November 16, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

In the world of gyms, there are basically two choices: a pretty person gym or a normal person gym.

Allow me to explain. When I lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I joined a Normal Person Gym. This gym was populated by old Italian women in sweatsuits and headbands, middle-aged school teachers and the occasional young person who may or may not have been attractive. My thought about joining this gym was: “If I go to this gym, there will be no pressure to look hot. I can just sweat and gasp for air and turn red and no one will care. We’re all just normal people.”

Here in L.A., though, I joined a pretty person gym. The people who go to this gym stepped out of the pages of magazines or off of movie sets or have cracked free from marble sculptures from the 15th century. To say it’s intimidating to be around so many attractive people would be a profound understatement. This is not meant to be self-deprecating; I’m cute in a nerdy, Artie from Glee kind of way. I’m happy with that. But these people are action movie heroes, Ryan Gosling body doubles. What am I doing in their midst?

You’d think going to a pretty person gym vs. a normal person gym would be a bad move for me. That it would unmotivate me or worry me or make me terribly self-conscious. I have to confess, though, it’s had a totally different effect. Being around so many attractive people at the gym is invigorating, exciting and, well, entertaining. It’s an extra reason to go on day when I really don’t want to go. Whereas the normal person gym (which was in an old bank) was sort of depressing, there’s nothing depressing about seeing incredibly attractive models and actors and acrobats and possible porn stars.

So if you’re making a decision about what kind of gym to join, check out the people working out there. If they’re hot, you’ll be happy.

P.S. I did a good workout today though I had to skip this pulley machine that I was supposed to use because some porn star/actor/acrobat was hogging it. I did pull-downs and push-outs (whatever that’s called) instead.

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