Workout Journal, Day 11 (Almost didn’t write this.)

November 15, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

Are we done with these workout journals?

Let’s think for a moment. On the one hand, if I force myself to write a journal about every day that I work out, it makes it seem like this is just an experiment, a temporary stint, instead of a new lifestyle. Because if I really do stick to this routine–5 days a week at the gym–it shouldn’t be so novel that every day deserves a post.

On the other hand, based on my track record, I need all the reinforcement I can get. Writing these journals forces me to account for every day at the gym; so maybe we should choose an arbitrary number–50?–wherein if I reach Workout Journal #50 I’m allowed to no longer write workout journals because at that point I’ll be a real true-to-life gym-goer. Deal? Deal.

Today I positively dragged myself to the gym in the late afternoon. Both Craig and I had upset stomachs after last night’s meatapalooza (I cooked a Sunday Gravy with sausage, pork ribs and meatballs for two of our friends and we ate too much of it). Not only did I feel queasy, I felt hungover. These friends brought wine and Craig popped open a bottle we’d been saving and I probably imbibed too much of it. And so: this morning I felt queasy, gross, unsteady, unhappy, and about as eager to go to the gym as an Occupy Wall Street protester is eager to go work for Donald Trump.

However, facing myself in the mirror (metaphorically, not literally) I knew that skipping the gym on a day like today would begin a dangerous spiral that’d lead to me quitting the gym several weeks later. So off to the gym I went–despite my unwellness–and I did a pretty rough routine. Two circuits (circuit one: pulldowns, pushouts, and this leg thing where I lay on a workout bench and bring my knees to my chest; circuit two: dumbbell curls, decline sit-ups and push-ups) and then 20 minutes on the elliptical. The elliptical was the roughest; I could barely keep my stride where it needed to be but I got through all 20 minutes.

And I left the gym glad that I went; even feeling better than I did before I went in. So forcing myself ended up being a good idea. And I forced myself to write this entry too; so today’s theme is forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do that you know are good for you. The end.

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