Workout Journal, Day 10 (Why it’s good to have a trainer.)

November 11, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

On Wednesday, by myself, I tried to do 36 push-ups. Not all at once; they were part of a circuit that I was supposed to do three times, 12 push-ups each round. And by myself, I struggled, I quivered, I fell. Today, though, it was my 3rd session with my trainer Danny and he had me do a different version of a push-up (a traditional push-up mixed with a leg pump in and out for each leg). With Danny standing there watching, I did all 36 push-ups. (Actually it was 12 the first round and 8 each additional round so 28 push-ups total). The point is that having Danny there made me more self-conscious, more accountable, more willing to do the hard work to finish those push-ups. Which is one reason it’s good to have a trainer.

Another reason why it’s good for someone like me to have a trainer is a trainer provides structure, provides context. When I joined a gym in New York, I’d just go and run on the treadmill every few days with no clear sense of purpose or mission. I quit a few weeks in. Here, we’re doing a full body work-out, split up over three days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and then the non full-body days are cardio days (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Danny keeps things interesting–each circuit is different and works the muscles in different ways. Today I did one where I pulled on these pullies and leaned forward and looked like a sketching of Leonardo Da Vinci’s, minus the perfect human form part.

Without a trainer, I’d be lost at the gym. I’m two weeks in now–two weeks of working out five days in a row–and I feel great, I’m not bored, and I’m excited to go back on Monday. If that’s not evidence that a trainer works–keeping in mind how much I hated the gym before–I don’t know what is.

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