I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

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One of my favorite songs has always been Randy Newman’s “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today.” With Hurricane Irene rapidly approaching, I figured I’d spend some time on YouTube collecting all of the different version that have been recorded over the years. Despite how good many of them are, I still think Randy Newman’s original version (heard above) is my favorite.

[Whoah, this one’s from a Randy Newman musical (“Harps & Angels”) that played at the Mark Taper forum in L.A. Wish I’d been there for it!]

[Of course, the first time I ever heard this song is when Bette Midler sang it in “Beaches.”]

[This one doesn’t have video, just the audio, but Nina Simone’s version is definitely one of the best.]

[I’d never heard this Dusty Springfield cover, but I love it.]

[No, Spock, no.]

[No, UB40, no.]

[No, Neil Diamond, n…aw, what the hell.]

[I don’t know who Barbara Dickson is, but this is more like it.]

[I like the video work here.]

[Norah Jones sang it too.]

[So did David Gray.]

[So did Joe Cocker, but I’m not crazy about the arrangement. A little too high-spirited.]

Let’s end with a more recent Randy Newman version. Hope you’ve enjoyed this!

Good luck to everyone who’s about to experience the hurricane! (Me included.)

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