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So I’m feeling my way around this new space, this “Not Food” page, and with all the limitless possibility (I can write here about anything! (just not food!)) it’s a bit overwhelming. That got me thinking about my main blog in general and the popularity of that post I did two weeks ago, “It Gets Better.” That post had 147 comments and was shared 394 times on Facebook. Why was it so popular? From the title of this post I think you can see where I’m going here: it was personal.

It’s funny because, from the beginning, blogs had the reputation of being too personal. They were seen as glorified diaries, tools for emotional exhibitionists to flout all of their hopes, their dreams, their resentment towards their sister. When I started blogging, I was instructed (by blogging mentors) to avoid all of that by focusing on a singular subject: that’s why I chose food.

Yet if my food blog were just a collection of recipes, would I have built up a readership? Would anyone have cared where I went to dinner? Inevitably, the blog became personal as I integrated my friends and family and cat into the fold.


Which is why, when someone sends me a link to their blog (and this happens to me often), the first thing I look for when I click over is a whiff of the personal. Who is this person? Where do they live? Who do they live with? What kind of pets do they have? Are they Team Vampire or Team Werewolf? And so forth. I don’t care how pretty the pictures are, how nice the design, if I don’t feel a personal connection to you when I click over, I won’t read your blog.

And so, writing here in this non-food space, I feel like it’s important to make it personal. Sure, occasionally I’ll break up the page with videos, movie reviews and other stuff, but as long as, every now and then, I take the time to open up my soul a little, I think it will be successful.

Now can we talk about how much I resent my sister?

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