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We moved into our new apartment in October and by November, the heat came on.

This wouldn’t be that interesting except for one adorable fact: our last apartment had floor board heating that would gurgle, this new apartment has steam heat that clanks. That’s not adorable, but what is adorable is that when it first started clanking, Lolita (my cat) would scamper over to the giant pipe making the noise and attack it like it was an animal. “Silly Lolita,” I would say. “That’s not an animal! That’s just steam heat, you dumb cat.”

This went on a few more times, and then one night my friend Kirk was over to see the new place and as we were conversing on the couch, the heat came on, it clanked and Lolita pounced.

“Lolita’s really stupid,” I explained. “She thinks there’s an animal in there, when….”

Before I could finish the sentence, I let out a primal scream. Actually, it wasn’t so much primal as it was hysterical and unmanly.


Or, to be more accurate, at first it was: “What’s that in her mouth? It looks like…?”

And I thought it was a toy. Because I used to buy her toy mice but… but…

“IT’S A LIVE MOUSE!” yelled Craig.

Kirk started laughing. Lolita ran with it into the bedroom, carrying it under our bed.

“What do we do!?” I yelled.

“Get her out!” Craig yelled.

Kirk laughed.

Then Lolita dropped the mouse and let it run away a little…

“It’s going into your clothes!” I yelled to Craig.

“Ahhhh!” yelled Craig.

“Hahaha,” laughed Kirk.

But Lolita got the mouse out and then just as she carried it out the door, back into the living room, Kirk somehow was able to get the mouse away from Lolita. And since the mouse was pretty much on its last legs–maimed, delirious, near-death–Kirk whacked it with a magazine and then flushed it down the toilet.

We’re pretty confident that this mouse was a freak mouse and not part of a larger mouse family. And now when the heat clanks, Lolita barely moves a muscle so the evidence suggests that if there’s ever another mouse, we’ll have a really good feline indicator.

As for Mr. Mousey, I apologize for any death my cat may have caused you. It’s in her nature, she really can’t help it.

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