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The Most Satisfying First Bite of Pizza on Earth

May 16, 2011 | By lemons and loafers | 0 Comments

The Most Satisfying First Bite of Pizza on Earth 1

I am 31 years old. And I have eaten pizza the world over. I’ve had deep dish in Chicago. I’ve had Ray’s in New York: Famous and Original. I’ve had Pissaladiere in France. I’ve had it with anchovies, eggs, duck sausage, cheeseburgers, and gherkin pickles (on different occasions of course). I’ve had it with stuffed crust, no crust, and breakaway dipping crusts. It’s safe to say that I’m as much a pizza expert as I can be without getting all pathological about it.

And as an amateur expert I can, without hesitation, say this. The first bite of a slice of pizza bianca is the most satisfying first bite of pizza on earth.

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Inside the James Beard House

February 27, 2011 | By lemons and loafers | 0 Comments

Inside the James Beard House 1
OK, I’ll admit it: when a friend emailed and asked if I wanted to have dinner at the James Beard House, I had never actually heard of the James Beard House. Now, before you revoke all my credentials, let me add this: of course I had heard of James Beard and the eponymous Foundation, with its heralded awards. And, I would have assumed that when he was alive, James Beard lived in a house. But did I know the Foundation now owns his fabulous mansion in Greenwich Village, and that it holds events most nights a week where rising and already-celebrity chefs cook prix fixe meals for foodies in the know? No! But when given the offer, I brushed up on the facts, and jumped at the chance.

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“The Best” (Vegetarian) Lasagna

April 20, 2010 | By lemons and loafers | 0 Comments

Anytime you offer up a recipe with a superlative in its title, you better be prepared to bring it. So beware, I’ve brought it.
One of my favorite things about swapping dinner parties with friends is being introduced to new recipes, techniques, and flavor combinations. Every cook has his or her own personal repertoire, a set of standards, some show-stoppers, and a trick or two up the sleeve. Eating with friends allows me to share my favorite dishes while learning the standards or secrets of others. In the end, we all benefit; kind of like a community blog, right?

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When life gives you Meyer lemons…

March 31, 2010 | By lemons and loafers | 0 Comments

When life gives you Meyer lemons... 1
I, at least, make a lot of Meyer lemon martinis.
As a recent transplant from San Francisco to New York, I have an unfortunate tendency to start listing off the things that I miss about the Bay Area. “Not that New York isn’t amazing,” I quickly assert; yet, there are areas in which these two cultural Meccas cannot compare. Backyard fruit is one such area.
In California, the Meyer lemon was known casually through the end of the 20th century as the “backyard lemon”. That is, it was, until Alice Waters almost single-handedly catapulted it from obscurity to international foodie darling. Although you might not know it from the high prices you see outside of California, the casual, backyard Meyer lemon yields endless bushels of golden, piney-smelling jewels in the late winter. You need only drive the back roads of Napa Valley in February or March to see boxes placed alongside the road entreating you to take as many free lemons as you desire.

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