Grilled Cheese (and egg!) Sandwich, V2.0

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Grilled Cheese (and egg!) Sandwich, V2.0 1
When I posted my first version of this sandwich on my blog, I knew it was something I was crazy about, but I didn’t expect the popularity of that post. After all, there’s a lot of online scoffing about the proliferation of fast, easy, few-ingredient recipes.
Heck, I’m one of the people who scoffs at those recipes. I’m perfectly happy to empty out the spice cabinet and pantry and spend the day in the kitchen. On the other hand, when I made this sandwich, I knew it was just about perfect the way it was. It didn’t need any more than its five simple ingredients.
Well, okay, I made the bread from scratch, so it’s technically more than five ingredients, but you don’t have to do that.
Of course, nothing I make ever stays the same. I’m constantly tweaking. So now there’s a second version of this sandwich. Better? Perhaps. You decide.

Grilled Cheese (and egg!) Sandwich, V2.0 2
Grilled Cheese (and runny egg!) Sandwich
For each sandwich, you’ll need:
Two slices of bread
Your favorite melting cheese (I used colby), sliced
1 poached egg
1 tomato slice
Butter, for cooking the sandwich
Butter the “outside” sides of the bread, or melt a tablespoon of butter in a skillet, if you prefer. Personally, I prefer to melt the butter in my skillet, but do it your way.
Pile the cheese slices on the bottom slice of bread, leaving a slight well in the center. This is where you’ll position the yolk of the egg. It helps keep it from breaking. Save a slice of cheese to cover the egg.
Place the poached egg gently onto the cheese, positioning the yolk in that well. Transfer the sandwich to your skillet, then place the reserved slice of cheese on top of the egg. Gently place the tomato slice on top, and then the second slice of bread.
Resist all urges to press down on the sandwich, or you’ll break that yolk.
Cook the sandwich on the first side until the bread is nicely browned and the cheese is starting to melt. Gently turn the sandwich over to cook on the second side. By the time the second side is toasted, the cheese should be melted and oozy, and the egg will be encased in the cheese. The yolk will still be runny, so you still need to be gentle when handling the sandwich.
To serve, slice the sandwich down the center and sop up the yolk as you eat.
Here’s the original version of the sandwich: with a few in-process photos.
I’ve already started thinking about version three. A little dried oregano sprinkled on that tomato would be tasty, don’t you think?

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