The Foodie Photo Hunt Adventure

May 9, 2010 | By | COMMENTS

The Foodie Photo Hunt Adventure 1
My friend Sally and I spent the last 50 hours of our lives (give or take) traipsing around New York City, making fools of ourselves and eating way too much food…all in the name of this year’s foodie photo hunt. We battled the cold, the wind, and the rain (it was a weird weekend for weather) to get our shots. We also had a blast. Thanks to Adam for challenging us to get off our butts and have an adventure. We’re so glad we did.

I mentioned to my friend Sally that I had heard about this photo scavenger hunt and was thinking of participating. Seeing her level of enthusiasm for taking on the challenge, I knew I had just committed myself to a full weekend of trying to win this thing.
We ran around NYC, not always in the most efficient way, working our way through the tasks and trying our hardest not to get discouraged by mishaps like subway service changes, closed/missing venues, and NYC stores’ apparent discrimination against Canada. (We couldn’t find Canadian paraphernalia ANYWHERE!) Here are the pics….

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