Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt Submission

May 9, 2010 | By | COMMENTS

Dorit and Michael’s submission – 303 points!!! (many thanks to owners of hot dog restaurants for having so many “Grays” and to the proprietors of Mermaid Inn for opening three restaurants)
First off, thanks so much for inspiring us to have such a great weekend wandering New York! After a long planning process involving Google Maps and several spreadsheets, we set off for our adventure on Saturday morning, May 8. We worked our way down the East Side, then crossed over to the West Village to pick up our friend Jenna who made sure that we didn’t get lost in the Village. In the middle of that, we stopped by Metro Bicycles on Canal to pick up our new bikes and helmets (they make cameos in a few of the pictures).
Favorite picture – definitely #20, the “kiss me i’m organic” picture in front of whole foods. This was such a great adventure for the two of us and I was happy that I actually was allowed in a picture for once!

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