Eating, Walking and Laughing New York City

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Eating, Walking and Laughing New York City 1
Here are my “results” for “The 2nd Annual New York Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt”:
I had a great time “gathering” these pictures. I do owe a lot of Thanks to my friends, Allen and Jennifer, for acting as my “official photographers”. However, I also have to Thank the various strangers – New Yorkers, tourists and others – who cheerfully offered to take my picture.
I believe my favorite shot had to be the Flex Mussels one. What a great coincidence that I happened to ask the co-owner and manager of the restaurant to take my picture. I’m glad I waited to ask someone – I had been standing in front of the place for about 10 minutes before I finally got up the nerve to ask Alex and her friend if one of them could take my picture. *And as for potentially most-embarrassing pics: the first Jacques Torres and the Fishs Eddy one.

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