Lizzy and Alex’s Bombin’ Avatar Cupcakes

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Lizzy and Alex's Bombin' Avatar Cupcakes 1
On Oscar Night 2010, my sister Lizzy and I wanted to weave Oscar themes into the dessert we brought to my brother and his girlfriend’s apartment. The goals were twofold:
1. Create a tasty treat to match Nancy’s guaranteed-to-be-delicious dinner
2. Use the 2010 Oscars as inspiration for the dessert we make
We thought about Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting: “The Jerk” Chicken with “dirty little pigs-in-a-blanket”s (google Alec Baldwin’s voicemail to Ireland Baldwin) as an appetizer? Not a dessert. NEXT.
We thought about some of the Best Picture nominees: Crazy Heart-shaped shortcake with strawberries and dyed-blue whipped cream (Avatar shout out)? NEXT.
Finally, we arrived at a decision….

Lizzy and I narrowed it down to cupcakes that were blue in some way (Avatar) and also included a kind of surprise inside much like, but less violent than, an improvised explosive device (Hurt Locker). The picture you see is the result. Feel lucky that you only have to look and do not have to taste.
It was IMPERATIVE to Lizzy that she include what she and her friend termed “phalanges” on the cupcakes: the thread-y things that the N’avi people use to feel the emotions of other N’avi as well as various Pandora creatures. The only question? How to replicate said phalanges? Unfortunately, she decided to purchase rainbow Twizzlers and dissect the blue and purple ones to make them thinner and more phalange-like. She also purchased an assortment of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup products for the IED in a few of the cupcakes.
The result of our hard work was the accomplishment of goal #1 (see above) since we were able to combine themes from the top two Best Picture contenders. Unfortunately, we did not meet goal #2. The cupcakes tasted like corn muffins and the frosting (buttercream dyed blue) was kinda gross too. It didn’t help that my sister combined all the ingredients– wet and dry– into the bowl at once without reading the recipe first. Thus, the batter was more like a dough and we had to wet it slowly adding extra milk. The Amateur Gourmet would have thrown up in the back of his mouth. The phalanges also were kind of disgusting. I don’t think I have to explain why. Just look at the picture.
Though, it was fun when Elliot (our brother) bit into the IED— putting the “bombin” in “Lizzy and Alex’s Bombin’ Avatar Cupcakes”. His prize was the rest of the Twizzlers. He didn’t want them. Go figure.

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