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(Clever title re: Masterful Southern Dinner) 1
When Adam offered the opportunity to guest post on the AG, I was like “Hellz yeah!!” but it would have to wait until after April 15th (I’m a CPA, so cooking (and blogging) has taken a back seat these last 3 months). But I was excited. And seeing as our CSA (Snow’s Bend Farm) started last Thursday, I knew I’d have some inspirado!
I was never exposed to Greens (turnip or collard) until coming to school in Alabama (War Eagle!!), but now (10 years later) I love ’em. Our first CSA delivery included mustard greens, baby turnips (with greens!) and radishes (amongst other fresh veggies), and did you know you can cook radish greens just like mustard, turnip, collard, etc.??? Anyways, I know Adam just posted about the collard green soup a month ago, but I’ve got to tell you about mine as part of the “masterful Southern dinner” I cooked my wife on Friday.

(Clever title re: Masterful Southern Dinner) 2
Look how fresh and green these greens are??? I’ve never cooked greens myself, but basically you fry three strips of bacon, throw in some chopped garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and apple cider vinegar in the pot and boil/simmer until they were delicious! Seriously, I could’ve eaten the whole bowl of these for dinner by themselves (tomatoes or not).
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Hmmmmm, so what should I cook with these Southern greens??? How about Pork Chops* and Sweet Potatoes!?!?
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We cook these sweet potatoes about once a week, and they’re really easy. All you do is peel and chop, then toss with some olive oil, sea salt, and cinnamon & all-spice (I know, a little Christmas-y) and roast at 400 for about 30 minutes. You won’t miss the brown sugar.
Ok, so what about the main event??? Pork chops have always been a bit of a mystery to me (too dry??? too bland???), but I marinated these in a combination of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, peach preserves and olive oil, seared it for a minute on both sides, and then popped it in the (400 degree) oven for another 15-20 until the internal temp was about 160. I mean they look good, right??? But I’ll be honest; they could’ve been a little juicier. If any of you have pork chop tips, please advise.
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But how do you wrap up a true masterful Southern feast?!?!? Duh, throw some Sister Schubert rolls on the side (sorry, didn’t have time or the Jiffy Mix for corn bread) . . . Sorry for those of you expecting a pecan pie or peach cobbler recipe.
PS – Are we allowed to say who we are, or where we came from??? I guess you figured out I’m a CPA, and I’m from AL. Feel free to browse (stalk) other info at thatmuchfurtherham.blogspot.com
* Technically, I know these aren’t pork chops (I think they’re actually thick-cut slices of pork tenderloin, but I thought calling them “pork chops” would be easier??) I know, I know. My integrity as a food blogger is teetering a slippery slope on my AG community blog debut. Please be gentle.

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