Pancake Perfection on a Sunday Morning

When it comes to whipping up something fast for breakfast, I very rarely have the impulse to make pancakes. Eggs are as extravagant as I get: I drop a clump of butter in the skillet, crack the eggs on the counter and three minutes later I’m in gooey eggy heaven. Yes eggs or maybe oatmeal. Certainly not pancakes. Pancakes would take forever, wouldn’t they? Especially pancakes as photogenic as these?

You know looking at that picture there, that may be the single most impressive photograph of something I’ve made in the history of this website. Maybe it’s the natural light. But in terms of wanting to lick the screen, I’m swooning over those dark brown crispy circles framing the tender, cakey pancake beneath. Don’t you want to know how I did it? Would you believe it only took 10 minutes? Then click below!