Cupid Update

The Gourmet Cupid has received 36 e-mails since its inception last week, with people from all over the world participating. We’ve got a guapo graphic designer in Spain and a bonita Art Student in Brazil. We also span generations with a 63-year old female “senior citizen foodie” in Oregon and a 19-year old gay history student in Pensacola, Florida. Mostly, though, we have lots and lots of hot, single women. I’m not joking. Several are in NYC, and others are in Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. If you’re a single, straight male foodie, you’d be remiss not to send the appropriate information to gourmetcupid AT gmail DOT com.

[Meanwhile, Gourmet Cupid was linked at Eater with the following quip: “The Amateur Gourmet is to the New York restaurant scene as the Naked Cowboy is to Times Square: one must draw upon the rules of a parallel universe to understand.” I think I may be insulted but instead I’ll just grab my guitar and strip. Submit to Cupid, y’all!]

For Those Without A Banner

I’ve gotten lots of e-mails and comments saying the new banner isn’t loading up in the redesign. Ralph, my heroic redesigner, addresses this in the comments of the Redesign post. So go read his advice and if it’s still not working tape your own banner to the top of your computer and proceed as normal!

Excitement #1: The Redesign

Since the end of September, I’ve been working with a brilliant web designer named Ralph on redesigning my site. Ralph responded to my “Redesign” post telling me that he and his wife were big fans and that he’d had a lot of experience and could really help me organize things better. And that, clearly, he has. I’m in love with this redesign and let me tell you some of its features:

– The thing I’m loving the most, right off the bat, is the rotating banner. That’s right: we have three banners in rotation with the possibility of adding more. It was my idea to stab the duck (sorry vegetarians); and I have to give credit for the flying bagels to Kirk and the flying fish to my brother. Maybe somewhere along the line we’ll add more, but for now you should reload the site a few times so you can see them all and bask in their glory.

– Since it’s the request I get most often, we added a search feature to the upper right of the site. Unfortunately, since I was dropped from Google we’re using Yahoo’s less reliable output. But for now it should help you navigate my archives and find results for things like “lemon” and “pudding” or “lemon pudding.” [I’ve never made lemon pudding so don’t really search for that.]

– Graphically speaking, the colors are brighter and there are little icons on all the sidebar categories. They’re so adorable I want to pinch their cheeks. The fonts, too, are cleaner and more soothing to the eye. Ahhhh, aren’t you relaxed?

– The organization of the sidebars makes lots more sense. Now you get my five favorite movies and songs with the option of clicking for more. The links on the left are internal links and the links on the right are external links (taking you away from the site).

– Perhaps the best thing, in terms of scanning my past, is the way Ralph made it so my archive categories won’t crash your computer. If you click Eating New York, for example, you’ll get taken to a page where you’ll see all my New York restaurant review titles and the first paragraph, but no browser-crashing pictures. Same for all the other categories.

Overall, it’s just thrilling to have something so familiar look so fresh and alive. I didn’t want to ruin the good stuff we already had going on but I didn’t want to cling to the past either. So I owe Ralph a huge thank you for his amazing work in making that happen. Thanks Ralph! I feel like a born-again blogger.

Exciting Things Coming Your Way

Ok loyal Amateur Gourmet readers, keep checking back over the next 12 hours: two very exciting things are about to happen.

(1) The redesign is going up tonight!


(2) I’m going to share some amazing unbelievable news with you! Aren’t you excited? I know you are… Soon enough you shall know!

The Redesign Is Coming…

Prepare for a sleeker, more refined look—with a new banner and better organization and newer fonts. Due date may be as soon as Sunday, but no promises. Stay tuned!

More Thank Yous

I’m starting to get spoiled from my secret, impossible to find “Buy Me Things” section. Two more readers sent me gifts this past week: I received Barefoot Contessa Family Style (my Contessa collection’s complete!), More from The Magnolia Bakery, and The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook. Thank you readers for buying me things! You are the best!

I Started School Again

In case you’re wondering why this blog has been so quiet this week (Gourmet Survivor II notwithstanding), it’s because I started my final year (and I mean FINAL year) of graduate school. Among my classes, I’m taking a class in animated sitcom with the guy who wrote the Marine Biologist episode of “Seinfeld” (he’s also a staff writer on Law & Order), I’m taking a class at the Public Theater with Oskar Eustis who was the first to produce “Angels in America,” and I’m doing my masters thesis with Marsha Norman who won the Pulitzer for ‘Night Mother. It’s been a great week! And a busy one. But now I shall blog for you a bit…

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