A Tale of Two Lasagnas

Hi, so we’re going to Provincetown next week and I’ll be off the grid and I wanted to leave you with one more post before I go. Here’s one about two lasagnas.

Our friend and neighbor Kyle had a birthday last week and I offered to cook him a dinner. I could tell he was excited about the idea of a meat lasagna, but one of the guests didn’t eat pork, so I had two options: 1. Disappoint Kyle and make a big vegetarian lasagna (no meat!); or 2. Make TWO lasagnas, one meat, one vegetarian. I’m thinking, by the title of this post, you’ve already figured out which path I chose…

The funny thing is: I was afraid that two lasagnas would be wayyyyyy tooooo much food. I was using Ina recipes (natch) (do people still write “natch”? I always cringed when I saw it, I don’t know why I’m doing it) and they both fed 8 to 10. We were only 6. What was I thinking?

Well, in the back of my mind, I figured: it’s never a bad thing to have too much food. You can send people home with leftovers! And whatever people don’t want, we could eat the next day or freeze. Too much food is a good thing.

And guess what?


Either I’m friends with a bunch of greedy eaters or — more likely — there’s no such thing as too much lasagna. There were even lasagna groupies watching me in the kitchen:

(That’s Yoshi, Kyle’s dog. He and Winston are best friends.)

For the record: the meat lasagna was the more popular of the two. It was 100%, entirely eaten.

And before you ask, here you go: the meat lasagna recipe (it calls for turkey sausage, but I use pork) and the vegetarian lasagna recipe.

Here’s everyone at the table, before they ate over FOUR POUNDS OF CHEESE.

Sorry that pic’s a bit blurry: I think my lens was smudged.

For dessert, I made one of my favorite all-time recipes: this flourless chocolate cake. It’s so easy and so good. Here’s our friend Jerome helping me whip cream for it:

(Always make your guests whip the cream by hand: it’s interactive and makes it taste better because they see how much work goes into it.)

And here’s the birthday boy with his cake:

Happy birthday, Kyle!

That’s all for this week, folks. I’m off to P-town: I’ll be back on the blog again after the 14th. See ya!

Let's dish!

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