Go See The Skeleton Twins!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: the time is now! If you live in New York, L.A., D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, I need you to do me a favor right now: open a new window in your browser, go to one of those movie ticket sites–Fandango, for example–and load up The Skeleton Twins and then get your tickets to see it this weekend. Yes, it has to be this weekend. Opening weekend is so important for an independent film like this and it’s not like I’m forcing you to do something unpleasant: the movie is getting rave reviews. The L.A. Times calls it “one of the better movies to come along this year”; it’s a New York Times critics pick and Stephen Holden calls it, “a well-written and acted movie about contemporary life that doesn’t strain for melodrama and is largely devoid of weepy soap opera theatrics.” So what are you waiting for? Plus, you guys know the director personally: he’s on my blog all the time. He went with me to El Bulli, he ate that disgusting curry I once made, and oh yeah we got engaged last year. So be part of our lives this weekend–Craig’s been working on this movie since I met him over eight years ago–and it’d mean so much to us if you went. In fact, if you do go, feel free to come back here and leave questions for Craig; I’ll be sure to get the answers from him. How’s that for an offer? And everyone else: if the movie’s not playing in your city this weekend, be sure to find out when it’s playing next week and get your tickets ASAP. Thank you all so much…we’re so excited for you to see it!

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  1. I realize I don’t know you IRL, but I get that same “squee!” feeling every time I see this movie mentioned that I would with a real life friend. Congratulations to Craig and best best wishes for the movie. (And I’ll have to wait for Netflix, since I doubt it’ll play Montana …)

    1. I feel the same way and you said it better than I could have, MissDelaware. What a wonderful movie! Adam, I spotted Secrets of the Best Chefs in the bookstore scene, how cool is that?! (PS MissDelaware, I’m grew up in Three Forks and went to MSU.)

  2. Hey Adam (or Craig!), any idea if/when the movie will be screening in smaller cities? Like Madison, WI, to name one in particular? I AM DYING TO SEE IT.

  3. It’s showing in one cinema near me in Miami–I’ll try to get away from the kiddos to see it this weekend!! I was bummed–thought I could catch this during daytime hours while the kids are in school, but at least it’s available in my city!

  4. Bought my tickets for tomorrow! Agree with Miss Delaware — I feel like I know you guys and am so excited to see & support the movie!

  5. Just saw that the movie will be at the Pickford in Bellingham next month – yay! Will definitely get tickets to see it there.

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