How To Turn Leftovers Into Frittatas

48 thoughts on “How To Turn Leftovers Into Frittatas”

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  1. Adam, I’ve read your blog forever but, I never comment. Here’s the thing though, your comic strip style posts are always, always my favorite. They make me laugh. This is your calling or something. Write a cookbook in this format or something.

    Also, you had a wedding tasting :O !!!!!!

  2. Gwyneth made me laugh out loud. And do please tell us who you’ll be wearing! I can’t wait to hear about the food you’ll be serving at your wedding.

  3. What’s a ballpark time frame for the eggs to set? I don’t want to open my oven every 30 seconds to check until it’s realistic to think the frittata is done.
    Oh, and congrats!

  4. I come to say hi,i saw this page by accident,and i just start to learn English.You are the first person i followed,i hope one day i can read your words.

  5. Just saw your blog tonight! I love it!
    Our leftovers are mostly from dishes we cook at home.
    Had a great frittata this weekend with left-over garlic-sauteed string beans, sliced pankoed pork cutlets, sauteed mushrooms and asparagus risotto, with some shredded smoked mozzarella on top. Risotto is great in frittatas!

  6. So, so glad to hear you’ve set the date. Looking forward to the planning (neither of you is likely going Bridezilla, right?) and the photographs!!!!

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