Bow Down Before My Sound of Music Plate


Next to Proof Bakery, here in Atwater Village, is an Out of the Closet thrift shop that sometimes I wander into to check out their cookbooks or other random things that they have gathered on their tables and shelves. Rarely do I find anything that I actually buy but it’s fun to poke through everything while sipping an iced coffee beverage. The other day, though, a strong light came in through the window and focused on a box on a table as an angelic choir began singing from the heavens. “The hills are alive,” the voices sang in unison as I suddenly saw what the light was hitting: a box. The box you see above. I slowly staggered over to it and then opened it up and beheld the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen….

…a SOUND OF MUSIC plate.


Now you must be wondering: how much could such a precious gem cost? $3000? $5000? $15,000?

Ladies and gentlemen, I bought this plate–and the box that it came in–for the shockingly low price of $2.50. That’s right, $2.50!

And now I’m the proud of owner of a SOUND OF MUSIC plate which Craig is not too thrilled about. “Don’t buy anymore,” he responded when I showed it to him. Excuse me, Mr. Cranky, but maybe if I teach your children to sing in the meadows you’ll turn around and appreciate this plate?

Now the question remains: what do I serve on it? I’m thinking hot apple strudel or schnitzel with noodles. Or maybe both.