Bow Down Before My Sound of Music Plate

Next to Proof Bakery, here in Atwater Village, is an Out of the Closet thrift shop that sometimes I wander into to check out their cookbooks or other random things that they have gathered on their tables and shelves. Rarely do I find anything that I actually buy but it’s fun to poke through everything while sipping an iced coffee beverage. The other day, though, a strong light came in through the window and focused on a box on a table as an angelic choir began singing from the heavens. “The hills are alive,” the voices sang in unison as I suddenly saw what the light was hitting: a box. The box you see above. I slowly staggered over to it and then opened it up and beheld the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen….

…a SOUND OF MUSIC plate.


Now you must be wondering: how much could such a precious gem cost? $3000? $5000? $15,000?

Ladies and gentlemen, I bought this plate–and the box that it came in–for the shockingly low price of $2.50. That’s right, $2.50!

And now I’m the proud of owner of a SOUND OF MUSIC plate which Craig is not too thrilled about. “Don’t buy anymore,” he responded when I showed it to him. Excuse me, Mr. Cranky, but maybe if I teach your children to sing in the meadows you’ll turn around and appreciate this plate?

Now the question remains: what do I serve on it? I’m thinking hot apple strudel or schnitzel with noodles. Or maybe both.

8 thoughts on “Bow Down Before My Sound of Music Plate”

  1. The ebay listings for this particular plate range from $13.95 to $49.95. I think you made out pretty well.

  2. Stacey Snacks

    I don’t think you should serve food on this plate….they are for “decoration only”. Trust me. Nice that a Sound of Music plate found a home. oy

  3. I kind of see warm chocolate chip cookies on it. I know that’s about as basic as it gets but having so many children on the plate it feels like a lot of children should be able to eat from it, hence lots of chocolate chip cookies… Anyway it’s a great find!

  4. LOL, guessing it may not be safe for food service but the obvious answer as to what should be served on it if it were is cheese, Adam. :)

  5. Venison steaks! (Doe, duh ;) Probably pre-dates Prop 65, and while those warnings aren’t worth much, I’d expect this to have a bit of lead and cadmium in the paints. Isn’t it enough just to gaze at your treasure for hours on end?!

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