The Night That Craig Cooked Dinner

33 thoughts on “The Night That Craig Cooked Dinner”

  1. I was almost to scared to read this. Scared it would end in murder, or at least someone getting stabbed with a cheese knife.

  2. Good for Craig! I hope he doesn’t take too much of a liking to it as you may be like me – I’d rather cook for 25 then clean up after two!!

  3. This was great! I love the comic books!!! I really need to teach my 14 and 16 year old daughters to cook… now I am inspired! This salad sounds wonderful!!

  4. Karen in Dallas

    What do you use (software, app?) when you make these comic strips? Besides your natural brilliance, that is :-)

    Love the recipe, got it earlier!

  5. Craig is one of my favorite characters on the ‘net. Here is a “Dear Abby” question for you. I really got into cooking when I got married and bought a house, and now my husband only helps out at the holidays. He’s a great cook! How do I get him back into the kitchen?

  6. HAAA! This is so perfect. I love to cook, it’s my way of decompressing and relieving stress, so I do 99% of it. But I told my husband last week that now that he’s working from home, it would be nice to get off the bus, walk through the door, pour a glass of wine, and have him take care of the occasional meal. So I’m making it as easy as possible. I bought spicy Italian sausage, pre-sliced mushrooms, and polenta for a sausage and mushroom ragu over the polenta. The man can cook, he does fried chicken, fish and chips, and smoked brisket, so the fact that he’s terrified is adorable.

    1. I totally agree. My first thought was – food always tastes better, when somebody else has cooked it for you with love!

  7. Love! Adorable!! The comments are hysterical and Craig looks so damned proud! I think he secretly wants to make you dinner sometimes too ;)

  8. My other half has cooked once in 10 years. I was showing him this post and he told me I can learn to fix a car if he has to learn to cook. We will see about that :-)

  9. Love the comic format. Great job, and congratulations. I’m still waiting for that dinner not cooked by me. If I get even one before I die, I’ll die a happy camper!

  10. Such an awesome comic you put together. I can’t wait to cook that recipe for my wife next week! It looks delicious!

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