One-Pan Eggs, Greens, and Bacon

I didn’t experiment much in college (well, except in the ways of improvisational comedy and musical theater directing), but as an adult I’ve become a hardcore experimenter, specifically on weekend mornings when Craig’s out of town. That’s when I let my soul run free, tapping into my inner being, and cooking up whatever springs to mind. Sometimes, my ideas are pretty gross (see here); sometimes, though, I hit on something so good, it enters the repertoire. This breakfast, thankfully, falls into the latter category.

Can I tell you a dirty secret? I’m becoming a huge fan of Trader Joe’s packaged greens; specifically their mixes of kale, mustard greens, collard greens, anything that’s dark and takes a while to cook down. Who likes to stand around tearing collard leaves off the stem? Not I, says I. So those bags are a huge help, especially when you want to incorporate all of those dark green nutrients into your diet.

Once you have that, watch how easy this breakfast is to put together. STEP ONE: slice some bacon into lardons, cook ’em in some olive oil in a non-stick skillet.


Once they’re pretty rendered, add some chopped onion (I had spring onions from my CSA, so I used those):


Once those seem pretty cooked, stir everything around, crank up the heat and add a big handful or two of your dark greens.


Sprinkle with salt, stir all around, and then hit it with some vinegar: red wine, white wine, anything you’ve got. Stir all around until the greens are pretty wilted. Now taste.


Sexy stuff, right?

Here’s the best part: to finish, you just crack your eggs right in there, sprinkle with salt and pepper…


Cover with a lid and cook until the whites are set and the yolks are still runny. Then slide on to a plate and cut into an egg to see what a good job you did.


You don’t have to go to college to experiment with breakfast. Take a walk on the wild side this weekend and give this a go; it’s just like living your own personal Animal House only less drunken, more edible.

9 thoughts on “One-Pan Eggs, Greens, and Bacon”

  1. I grab TJ’s bagged kale in a pinch, since they don’t sell it any other way, but it’s not my favorite. They leave too many chunky stems, so I still wind up spending a bunch of time removing those before I can commence salad-making.

  2. Yum!! I love those bags from TJ’s too- especially the one called “cruciferous crunch”, it works great to cook quickly or i make salad with it by massaging in the dressing and letting it sit in the fridge a while (even better the next day).

  3. This is beautiful and I’m having it this weekend! Love TJs chopped kale. Throw it into soup all the time! Thanks for another great recipe!

  4. I’ve been having eggs poached over kale for breakfast a lot this summer (with onions, wine, and fish sauce) so I was hoping I’d find someone with a good (but totally different) variation on that theme for the beautiful mustard greens I just acquired. Thanks.

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