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I’m not normally the kind of blogger who links to lots of little articles throughout the day, but this piece by Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy is too good not to share. In it, she skewers the fanfare around the 15-year old chef (I’ve been skeptical from the get-go) and goes on to address how show biz and razzmatazz in the food world are distracting us from the reality that few chefs are brave enough to admit: at the end of the day, it’s just food.

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  1. THIS:
    In that same New York Times with the 15 year old chef on the cover there’s a piece buried on page A15 about how immigration policies are killing farmers in Southern California. We’re importing 80% more foreign produce than we were in the late 1990’s because American farmers can’t find the labor to keep up with domestic demand. That’s a real story about food that will have a real impact on chefs. But without a publicist, a manager, and a television deal, is anyone even listening?

  2. This is interesting for perspective, but what it says to me is here is someone who has a team of supportive adults ensuring that he will be able to afford the life of a chef and are teaching him to manage his career like a business. What’s the problem? Unless you’re an executive chef, you make almost no money. Maybe $800 a week IF you’re at the top. That’s very difficult to live on in with urban rent to pay, not to mention there is rarely health insurance, which you will not be able to afford on you own for your very dangerous job on your salary.

    Also, some people are fortunate to know what their life’s work is early on – why hold them back? The winner of Top Chef Master’s Junior, blew me away and he’s 14. (But I also loved Jack and Sara!!) Set aside a long weekend because you will be glued to the set!

  3. Fifteen is an age of séxual exploration we had a youth chef in our town that it turned out was màsturbating into sauces and soups for years and we all had consumed it. This is what I fear will happen here.

      1. There’s cûnts everywhere. Disqus tip me off to where there has been a spike in ‘fàggot’ comments and where lots of fàggots frequent and I respond by going and seeking them out.

      2. Usually I’m banned within two comments especially when I’m commenting on my daughter but HBeast are tolerant of my comments. They like them.

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