The Ultimate Food and Musicals Quiz

Jonathan Gold is the only Pulitzer Prize winning food writer in history and, as far as I’m concerned, I will never do anything in my food writing career that comes anywhere close to what he’s been doing for the bulk of his. Except for this. You see, the other day Mr. Gold, who writes a regular quiz for The L.A. Times, posted a “Food and Musicals” quiz that was a lot of fun to take. I got 9 out of 10 right. But the quiz left me feeling like Gold favors a specific brand of Broadway musical, heavy on the Lerner and Loewe. Also, there was an Oliver question which seemed a little too obvious to me. So last night, in a heated moment, I began constructing my own Food and Musicals quiz. It goes from the esoteric (Falsettos) to the extreme mainstream (Wicked) with various diversions along the way. There are 30 questions. I could’ve done more. Some are very hard, some are pretty easy; mostly, though, this is my favorite thing I’ve done on my blog ever. Let me know how you score in the comments!

15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Food and Musicals Quiz”

  1. a dreadful 57. i am ashamed. but what a fun quiz! there are a lot of shows in there that I (clearly) don’t know well enough…

  2. I loved this more than I can clearly articulate.

    New Brain and Pacific Overtures in the mix? Yay. I want to make one of these myself.

    There were also a few I can’t believe I got wrong, like “Little Shop.” I have seen that show so many times and just clicked without thinking about it. Whoops!

    Thanks for doing this. So fun.

  3. I thought I would do much better on Gold’s quiz as I know so much more of older musicals but I got 70% on each of them! Fun quiz, Adam; thanks!

  4. Sarah Spigelman

    THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! I only scored a 70, which means I have rewatch Tommy and brush up on my William Finn soundtracks this weekend…this is awesome!!!

  5. This is an amazing quiz! I got a bare 57 out of 100, and I’m relieved, because that’s as it should be. It bothers me when I’m told that I know musicals well because I’m really pretty limited to the mainstream. Thanks for the tips on more to listen to :)

  6. I got an 83! The Stritch question is worded oddly; she said in At Liberty she thought Mahler’s was a pastry shop and that the ladies “went for a piece of Mahler’s.” Does she specify what TYPE of pastry? Fun quiz!

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