Olive Oil Omelet with Celery Caesar


File this under recipes to make Martha Stewart scoff. But on Saturday morning–this was last week–I looked deep into my fridge and deep into my soul and came up with the breakfast you see here. I’m actually pretty proud of it, mostly because it used up lots of ingredients I had lying around: garlic, parsley, anchovies, Parmesan, celery, eggs and olive oil. I wanted the omelet to reflect the flavors in the celery; I also liked the idea of the textural differences between those two things. So here’s how this all went down.

First, I made my Celery Caesar by chopping 2 garlic cloves and two anchovies together on the cutting board, pulverizing them into a paste and stirring that into 3 or 4 stalks of celery cut on the bias, along with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and–the ingredient that binds it all together–grated Parmesan cheese. That’s your celery Caesar.

For the omelet, I chopped garlic and parsley together as you can see here:


Then I heated olive oil in a non-stick skillet, cracked three eggs into a bowl, whipped them together with salt and a little of the garlic/parsley mixture, and poured into the hot oil.


Then I shook the pan and moved everything around with a rubber spatula until it started to set, then I left it for 5 seconds and sprinkled a line of Parmesan down the middle:


That’s when I folded it up into the omelet you see here:


At the end, I drizzled some more olive oil over everything and sprinkled with more Parmesan. Oh and ground some pepper on things too.

Look, maybe this is a weird thing to make, but the flavors all sang out beautifully together–I think I just need to work on the name. Parmesan Omelet? Garlic Parsley Omelet? I’ll leave that to the committee. As for now, it’s an Olive Oil Omelet and I’m glad for you to know it.