My Ever-Morphing L.A. Restaurant To-Do List

[photo taken at Gjelina]

On my web browser I have a folder called “LaFOOD” and any time I see an article or a blog post about a restaurant I want to try, I save it to that folder. As you can imagine, after two years here, that folder’s grown quite unwieldy. I was just about to organize it for myself when I thought: “Why don’t I turn it into a blog post?” So what follows is a list of L.A. restaurants that I haven’t been to yet with links to the stories that inspired me to bookmark them*, organized by cuisine. Of course this list will grow and morph over time as I check off places and add new ones to my folder; but for now I think I have my work cut out for me. (* Note: some of the links are just links to the restaurants because I must’ve bookmarked them after hearing about them out in the world. Also, sometimes multiple restaurants link to the same article because that’s where I heard about them all.)

[photo taken at Pizzeria Mozza]

Alain Giraud’s
Bistro LQ
Church & State
Cliff’s Edge
Le Comptoir
MB Post
Superba Snack Bar
Tar & Roses
Tasting Kitchen, The

[photo taken at Tasty Noodle House]

101 Noodle Express
Din Tai Fung Dumpling House
Elite Restaurant
Green Village
Hengyang and Hunan Chilli Kings
King Hua
Luscious Dumplings
Mei Long Village
Seafood Village
Shaanxi Gourmet

[photo taken at Sushi Zo]

Eater LA’s Guide to Sushi (all of these look good!)
Go’s Mart
Izakaya Sasaya
Kiriko Sushi
Ramen Yamadaya
Shibucho Sushi

[photo taken at Dan Sung Sa]

Honey Pig
Jun Won
Mapo Restaurant
Myung In Dumplings
Seong Buk Dong
Yu Chic Naeng Myun

[photo taken at Guelaguetza]

Birrieria Apatzingan
Chicken Itza
Corazon y Miel
El Huarache Azteca
El Parian
La Azteca Tortilleria
La Flor de Yucatan
La Huasteca
Los Cinco Puntos
Mariscos Chente
Mariscos Jalisco
My Taco
Petty Cash Taqueria

[photo taken at Ruen Pair]

Hoy Ka Noodle
Krua Siri
Sanamluang Cafe
Sapp (for Jade noodles)

[photo taken at Proof Bakery]

Clementine Bakery
Copenhagen Pastry
Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken
Meals by Genet
Pollo a la Brasa
Sunnin Lebanese Cafe

7 thoughts on “My Ever-Morphing L.A. Restaurant To-Do List”

  1. Someone seriously needs to bring me that pizza right now, or I can’t be judged for eating the entire wedge of Parmesan I have in my fridge.

  2. What a great idea for a blog post! I’ve got a similar folder in my email where I’ve sent myself links to reviews and articles that sounded enticing. It makes for easy access on the phone when we’re out and about and decide we want to try somewhere new.

    We’ve been to brunch at Littlefork the past two weekends. We love the fresh oysters, spicy bloody larrys (like a bloody mary, but with bourbon instead of vodka), lobster roll which comes with these great house-made chips, and the clam chowder. Seriously, go there soon. I definitely wouldn’t categorize it as Mexican though; It’s New England style seafood.

  3. Taiwanese and American-born Taiwanese people alike go ga-ga over Din Tai Fung. For years I could only dream about it because there was just the one tiny location in downtown Taipei, and now I can still only dream about it because the closest location is the one you listed, but at least it *sounds* more readily attainable to a Texan. These dumplings might change your life.

  4. Great list! 101 noodle express is awesome- must get the beef rolls there. Have you been to gen sushi in japantown? It’s my favorite sushi place – the uni there is some of the best I’ve ever had.

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