It’s Autumn After All

At least my new banner thinks so! After my last post where I made a summery dish in October, it’s time for a seasonal intervention and what better way to do that than with an autumnal banner image by the brilliant Lindy Groening. It’s been a while since we rotated the banner–over a year, in fact–but the time has come to shake things up again. Thanks, Lindy, for doing such an awesome job. If any of you don’t see it yet, try clearing your cookies or opening the site in a different browser; don’t worry, it’ll kick in eventually. [See Lindy’s previous work here.]

2 thoughts on “It’s Autumn After All”

  1. It is perfect timing for a new banner as we made your wonderful Pasta with Sun Gold tomato sauce last night. Hmmm, delicious. The banner is outstanding.

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