How To Serve Guacamole On Halloween

My friends John and Michael hosted a Halloween party this weekend and everyone got a big kick out of how they served the guacamole (see above); they got the idea from Pinterest, so no one’s claiming it’s original, but it’s still a good one to use if you’re doing anything for Halloween this week. The party was a costume party and costumes were REQUIRED and, of course, I left it until the last minute to find mine. Here was the scene at Party City when I arrived on Saturday at 4….


Moving through the aisles the best I could, I found a colonial wig (very George Washington) and that night when I put it on, I decided to combine the idea of Colonial Williamsburg with Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hence my costume: Colonial Williamsburg Brooklynite.


Here’s our hosts John and Michael and their dog, Alistair dressed as Winnie The Pooh.


(If that dog looks familiar, he was in Seeking A Friend For The End of The World!)

Their Halloween hosting didn’t end with the guacamole; there was also dry ice under the punch:


And fingers made by dipping pretzels in white chocolate and sticking a pumpkin seed on the end.


Oh, and a fog machine.

So thanks, John and Michael, for being so creative on Halloween. Now other people can steal your ideas for Thursday night!

7 thoughts on “How To Serve Guacamole On Halloween”

  1. What an awesome Halloween Festive party! Love the treats, and everyone’s costume looked awesome! Especially loved the Winnie the Pooh family :) Check out my blog sometime :)

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