Hey, So How Do You Open A Restaurant?


Don’t get excited: I’m not thinking about opening a restaurant.

But! I have a really good restaurant name in mind (based on a nickname for my friend Diana who, in my fantasy, opens this imaginary restaurant with me here in L.A.; again, it’s just a fantasy, stop getting excited!). I realized, though, in having this fantasy that if I were ever to really do it, I wouldn’t be shooting for the moon ambition-wise. I’d just want a cozy place where I could serve biscuits and comfort food and hang out, during the day, chatting with the staff and customers and maybe blogging from a corner booth. I just heard the guffaw from anyone who’s worked in the restaurant industry when they read that last sentence. Which is why I’m posting this post.

We’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Molly Wizenberg’s book about this very subject (pre-order here). Just from her blog alone (and talking to her in person), I know that what started as a whimsical climb up a hill became, at least for her, the equivalent of scaling Everest. That’s why I don’t think I will ever really do this. But still, it’s a fun thing to daydream about.

This post, though, is really about the commments: anyone out there open a restaurant? I know the majority of people will say “it’s more work than you can ever imagine”; I’m curious if anyone will say, “It’s not that bad.” We all know the bad things about it (the failure rate, snotty customers, Yelp), but what are the good things about it? Do you think I should do it? Well, stop! I’m not. But, if I ever do, will you invest money?