Omelet Issues


I’m at the point now where I really think I could make a good omelet, only I’m held back by a cruel and powerful force: a sticky non-stick skillet. David Lebovitz warned me, ages ago, not to flambĂ© in my new non-stick, that it might ruin the coating, and did I listen? I did not. So my punishment is that my omelets, which are beautifully formed, almost always stick when it’s time to roll them up. Take a look.


I’m really not sure what to do. The obvious answer is: “Get a new non-stick skillet” but I’ve tried that, getting a cheap one that lasted for a few months but then the non-stick wore away and it, too, is sticky.

This particular pan is a really nice one, a $150 All-Clad, a gift from my parents from when I started cooking. That’s difficult to replace.

True, I could get an omelet pan…but don’t you have to season a pan like that? And won’t it stick if it’s not seasoned properly?

I’m so tired of my omelets sticking, it’s quite dispiriting. Thankfully, I made a salad of sliced radishes, olives, parsley, red onion, olive oil and red wine vinegar to cover up my mistakes. There’s really not much else I can do.