Look, I Don’t Know How To Tell You This, But My Cake Stand Is Also A Punchbowl

Sometimes you invite people over to your house, and you sit around and have a pleasant conversation while sipping lemonade or iced tea or maybe a combination of lemonade and iced tea which is called an Arnold Palmer, named after a golfer who my dad admires. Other times, you invite people over to your house and they TOTALLY BLOW YOUR MINDS.

The latter happened to me this weekend when Todd and Jessica, who gifted me with the chimney and lighter that got me started with grilling, gave me a gift far greater than any gift any houseguest has given me before: they told me that my cake stand is also a punchbowl.

Jessica was very casual about it, but as she admired my cake stand she said, “Oh, I have the same one. Crate and Barrel?”

“Yup!” I’ve had this cake stand for years and haven’t talked much about it.

“You know it’s also a punchbowl right?”

I stood there in disbelief. “Nooooo…?”

She proceeded to take the base and flip it upside down; then she took the top and flipped it upside down and rested it inside. IT WAS A PUNCHBOWL.


Like most people who experience abrupt change in their lives, I’m still processing this news. How will this affect me and my relationship with Craig? The children we might have some day? My ability drink punch out of punchbowls that aren’t also cakestands?

It’s a lot to take in. But thanks to Jessica, I now know the true nature of my cake stand. It’s a whopper of a discovery.

31 thoughts on “Look, I Don’t Know How To Tell You This, But My Cake Stand Is Also A Punchbowl”

  1. it’s one of those things that makes you think “what else am i missing”. like when i realized i could make kettle corn at home :)

  2. I have the exact same cake stand, given to me by a friend. One day, the bottom popped off. So, it’s now a cake dish with a cover, which is totally fine. I just hope the bottom doesn’t pop off while yours is on its punchbowl shift, because…well……punchnami, you know?

  3. I registered for this very same punch bowl/cake stand combo when I got married 4 years ago. If you get married and have a carefully constructed registry you will know the exceptional details as well as the provenience of your household goods, both its multiple uses, and that your favorite punch bowl/cake stand was given by Aunt Mary Jo. Trust me.

  4. I have a one that’s similar. You can also use it to make a trifle, albeit a rather large one. It also works great for serving a pretty, layered fruit salad, but again, a very big salad. I often use mine for big gatherings. I just love it’s versatilty!

  5. We have the same one and it was such a good price when I bought it years ago. I can’t believe in this number of comments that there are so many fellow owners. I never thought of turning it over! How stable is it?

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