I Ate My First Pupusa Two Weeks Ago and Didn’t Tell You About It


Look, it’s Friday, and I need to get something off my chest. Two weeks ago? I ate the first pupusa of my life at the Atwater Village Farmer’s Market and didn’t tell you about it. I’m sorry! Things just got busy and I had to tell you about that toasted almond gelato and how to squeeze a lemon without getting the seeds everywhere. But look, here we are now, and it’s time to make amends. Let me tell you about my pupusa (isn’t that a Missy Elliott lyric?).

Some of you may be wondering: what’s a pupusa? I wondered the same thing. After researching this very carefully (aka: looking at Wikipedia), I now know that a pupusa is a Salvadoran dish made with a thick corn tortilla that’s stuffed with any number of fillings. I chose chorizo for the top pupusa in that picture and beans and cheese for the pupusa below it.

Funny, when I typed the word Salvadoran I suddenly remembered going to the Salvadoran Bakery in Seattle and wondered if I had, in fact, had a pupusa before and if this whole post is a lie.

Turns out, no, I didn’t have any pupusas at that meal, but looking at the tortillas they served you can see similarities:


How did I feel about the pupusa that I ate?

I really enjoyed it. It would be perfect hangover food, it’s kind of greasy and cheesy and carbalicious. Craig raved about the fish tacos he got but we’ve all had fish tacos before, haven’t we?


I hate that I kept all of this from you. But now you know the truth and we can work on rebuilding our relationship. Let’s make up over pupusas, some day, and I don’t mean that in the Missy Elliott sense.