How Do You Eat Corn?

At last night’s BBQ bonanza (wait, am I allowed to call it a BBQ?) I noticed a funny thing. Craig ate his corn by rotating the cob and leaving his teeth stationary; I ate mine by chomping across and then rotating the cob. So the plate above is Craig’s and you can see how he worked it. Below, you’ll see mine.


Actually, if you look at mine, I did mine really weird. I ate across but I kept little gaps between each bite. I don’t know why I did that.

Which team are you on: move your mouth or move the corn?

18 thoughts on “How Do You Eat Corn?”

  1. Word for today “boustrophedon” – as the ox plows. The most efficient way is to move back and forth horizontally, without a “carriage return” :)

  2. The only proper and decent way to eat corn is like it’s a typewriter. One row, back to the end, next row, repeat.

  3. I am a rebel… I always cut the corn off the ear before I will eat it. I can not STAND the feeling of corn getting stuck in my teeth that always comes with eating it straight off the cob. Not nearly as fun, I know. :(

  4. I don’t eat corn anymore because it’s all gmo, but I used to eat it like Scott’s description – typewriter style without a carriage return!

  5. Typewriter style for me. But I wish I had a video of my best friend eating corn. When she is done, it looks like a machine has cleaned the cob off. There is not one BIT of corn left. It is seriously strange to watch.

    1. Oddly that’s how I eat mine because my sister ate her corn that way and I
      thought it was “pretty”. (She’s ten years older than me and I was
      little when I decided this.) Once you start there is no stopping. I
      has to look proper, with every kernal pull out properly and no messy to
      the cob when you’re done. Help me now, I can totally relate to this method. I thought I was the only one.

  6. I am British, my husband is American. This debate has been raging in our house for years. Based on on our years of observations, both sides of the Atlantic, Americans do it typewriter-style while British folk do a full rotation before moving along. Adam – perhaps you should consider a trip to Europe in order to document international corn-eating differences?

  7. I always ask people: typewriter or Rolodex? Some actually eat it just randomly…they take a bite, roll it around, choose a totally new random place and take another bite. I myself am an OCD, very proper typewriter!

  8. Typewriter. But my college roommate changed my life, teaching me that once you get the first row out of the way, you can use your lower teeth to “pluck” the kernels, no stuck corn in teeth and the craziest, cleanest cob ever. A friend of mine once saw my finished cob and said ” did I miss a small woodland creature come through here?”

  9. Typewriter style — eat across, then rotate and start over again on the left side. I’m disturbed to know there are people who eat corn on the cob differently. The horror!

  10. I would never waste as much grilled corn as you or Craig did….I also do them on the grill-first things on, in aluminum foil packets (2 per) with a smear of good butter and salt and pepper….yum.

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