The Other Side of Our New Kitchen & A Plant


Chloe, our beloved neighbor back at the old place, pointed out–before I left–that in my “new kitchen” post I only showed one side of the kitchen, not the side with the stove. So here it is: the other side of our kitchen, with a glance into the other room which had some boxes in it still, at that moment, because we hadn’t unpacked. Not to brag, but we have five–count ’em, five–burners. And I love the white subway tile behind the stove, I think it made the pasta in the red Le Crueset in today’s pasta post really pop.

My parents came to see the place this weekend (they really liked it) and afterwards, showing them around Atwater Village, we found ourselves in an adorable plant/pottery store called Potted. My parents had given me some money as a housewarming gift, a very generous gesture (it’ll go towards blinds for our office windows). I subtly hinted–or, rather, loudly urged–that it would be nice if they also got us a plant because that’s something we’d always remember. It’s sweeter than it sounds.

So check out the plant they got me, a nice addition to my new cookbook shelf:


Thanks, mom and dad! Now whenever I look at my cookbooks I’ll think of you. And I’ll also think about salad because plants make me think about salad. Sue me.