New Apartment? New Oven? Buy This


This is an old school food tip, I didn’t invent it or anything, but I wonder how many of you actually do this?

I’m here to tell you that I do this. When I move into a new apartment, I buy an oven thermometer to calibrate the oven. If you don’t do that, you don’t know if your oven runs hot or cold or if it’s perfect. And since I just got started in this new kitchen, it’s something I really needed to know. So let’s buy this one from Gelson’s and see how our new oven does!

Into the oven it goes, let’s set the knob to 350.


Let’s let 15 minutes go by. Should we watch TV? Real Housewives? O.C. or New Jersey? New Jersey, right? God, that Teresa really never acknowledges her faults.

Ok, let’s check that thermometer.


Hey look at that! It’s at 350! Our oven’s perfect. Now we don’t have to adjust it up or down when we cook. We know so much about our oven, our food is always going to taste delicious.

Thanks, oven thermometer. You’re the best.