When Your Bad Lunch Ruins Someone’s Good Lunch

If you read my newsletter, you know where this took place. On Monday I met my friend Rebecca Lando of Working Class Foodies for lunch. She’s celebrating, and rightfully so, the release of her brand new cookbook, appropriately called The Working Class Foodies Cookbook. You should definitely check it out, though that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about the salad you see in the above photo. It probably looks good to you. Take my word for it: it’s not.

Two factors, in particular, made this salad suck. One was tolerable, one wasn’t.

Factor 1: a weak, depressing yogurt dressing that tasted like yogurt thinned with water with nothing else to pep it up.

Factor 2: under-washed lettuce.

I say under-washed lettuce because I’m sure they wash their lettuce where I had this salad, but when I bit in I got some grit in that first bite. Then I got some grit in a later bite. I don’t know if you know this about me, but my absolute least favorite thing that can happen to you while eating is to bite into sand or grit. Oof, it gives me the willies just thinking about it.

So there I was, eating this gritty, yogurt-watery salad–(aside: I did like the grapefruit segments in this salad)–and complaining out loud as I ate.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was enjoying her turkey sandwich. She let me have a bite and it was very good.

But I wouldn’t shut up about the salad.

“Do you want to send it back?” Rebecca eventually asked.

But the thing was I didn’t. I’d already eaten enough of it that I didn’t want a new one. And, also, biting into grit a few times made me really lose my appetite.

Now that I look back on the experience, though, I realize it probably wasn’t much fun for Rebecca to be eating a tasty sandwich while I was suffering through an un-tasty salad. For her benefit, I probably should have asked for something different so I wasn’t mopey throughout lunch.

As it was, I treated myself to some olive oil granola at Coffee Commissary afterwards and all was well in the world. But this salad? This salad was the pits.