What Time Do You Eat Dinner?

What time do you eat dinner?

My grandparents, who live in Delray Beach, Florida, are definite Early Birders. And having spent my teenage years in Boca Raton, I was familiar with the early dinner. My parents usually eat, on weeknights, around 6 o’clock when my dad gets home from work. Craig and I eat later than that, closer to 7:30. Craig has a later lunch than I do so he gets hungrier later than I do. Which is why I can justify a scone or a cookie at 4:30, to keep me full until Craig’s ready for dinner. It’s a survival strategy.

Then there are those who eat much later; 8 o’clockers, even 9 o’clockers. That’s very European. Most popular restaurants offer reservations at 10:30 for those who can’t score a table at a more reasonable hour. If I remember correctly, when I went with Clotilde to Babbo we ate at 10:30. (Sorry, pictures in that post don’t work any more.) That’s a rather obscene hour to eat dinner but if you must, you must.

Does the time that you eat dinner reveal something about your character? Are early diners more conservative that later diners? Are later diners more hedonistic than early diners? Is there a perfect time to eat dinner? If there is, I’d say it’s 7:30 for dinner at home (so you can watch Jeopardy first) and 8:30 for dinner out (so you make an evening out of it).

Which leads us back to the original question: what time do you eat dinner? And what, if anything, does it say about you?