The Porch Swing

Looking for a refreshing summer drink? Try this one on for size. On Sunday night, we went over to our friends Mark and Diana’s and they served up a delightful twist on the Pimm’s Cup, a cocktail called The Porch Swing which they learned from Blue Smoke in New York (the restaurant that also catered their wedding). What’s nice about it is it’s not too sweet, it’s not too alcoholic, it’s not too bubbly, but it’s very satisfying on a hot day. Here’s how you make it.

Enter Diana:

“Each drink has 1 1/2 oz gin (we used Bombay Sapphire but Hendricks is the best if you have it) 1 oz Pimm’s, 4 oz fresh lemonade (1 part lemon juice, 1 part simple syrup, 2 parts water).

You mix those up in a glass, then throw in some thinly sliced cucumber and top with a splash of lemon-lime soda. If you have time, you can put everything (minus the soda) in a pitcher and let the cucumbers steep in the drink, that’s what we usually do.

Most recipes online for porch swings call for equal parts gin and Pimms, but I find that too sweet.”

Thanks, Diana. And for everyone’s further enjoyment, check out this marvelous plate of food she and Mark served up with the porch swings: those are slow-cooked ribs, homemade coleslaw and The Best Beans of Your Life.


Summer eating (and drinking) doesn’t get much better than this.

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