Sad Kitchens

I am in a spiral, a funk, a panic. Today is June 3rd and we’re moving out July 1st. Only, we don’t know where we’re moving yet because we haven’t found an apartment. Craig’s editing his movie so it’s my job to spend my days on Westside Rentals and Craigslist searching for a place that’s not only comparable to ours, but better. That, at least, is the plan. Only, as I click past apartment after apartment I feel myself growing more and more depressed…and it’s a depression brought on specifically by sad kitchens.

It’s hard to define what makes a sad kitchen a sad kitchen. The appliances might be good. The counters might be workable. It’s just a mood, a feeling, a sense that cooking a meal in this kitchen will be a glum experience.

Light has something to do with it. The thing that I love the most about our current kitchen is the light. I mean, just look:


Our current kitchen is a cheery place. So, as I spend my days clicking through every listing I can find online, and feel myself sinking down lower and lower in my chair, I’m holding out hope that I find a new kitchen that’s a happy place, that’s not the architectural equivalent of “Terms of Endearment.” Wish me luck.