Throwed Rolls!

18 thoughts on “Throwed Rolls!”

  1. Kimberlie Lewis

    Did you really eat that?….I’m not yucking anyone’s yum…..but as much as I would love to have rolls thrown to me upon command, I don’t think I could eat the food.

    1. He did not go there, Kimberly. He only posted the video as a form of patronizing voyeurism. Gilled tuna salad on the Upper West Side one day, then a roll thrown at him the next? I don’t think so.

    2. cheyenne hunt

      U don’t eat them silly when they fall on the floor, they just do this as a unique way to attract customers

  2. This post makes me sad. I’m from the deep south and love reading your posts – your food is as different as possible from ours. But I get a thrill reading about your restaurants and the foods y’all have that we don’t. I feel like this pokes fun at us though (I’m just up the street from Lambert’s in Alabama). It’s just different. It’s something FUN, something unique.

    /end whine

    1. Adam Amateur Gourmet

      How does it make you sad? I just embedded a video of a place that seemed cool with no commentary about it all? I’m confused.

      1. You posted the video as an example of a freak show. Such an attitude comes off as nothing but patronizing. You owe some apologies.

          1. cheyenne hunt

            i don’t think u posted to be patronizing to the South.. this is a unique way for the restaurant to interest customers.. a neat way,, there is a place also that lets u eat peanuts when u come into the place then u can throw the shells on the floor. .. doesn’t mean we eat them off the floor.. u go in and there are peanut shells all over the floor.. they serve the best food and steaks, in this restaurant.

      2. Honestly I was being overtly sensitive and silly. I’m sorry. I made an assumption that was wrong. Now I’m wondering why I thought anything negative was meant! I am sorry, forgive your redneck fan please :)

  3. Deep fried chicken livers looked a little too good. So happy I live over a thousand miles away. Also, hope they have a heart specialist on retainer, yikes!

  4. Isnt it funny, i am an expatriate from England and i thought this video demonstrated what I love about America and Americans. The diversifiers keep talking about the importance of diversification, but it appears they only mean their kind! The hub of America may be in its great cities, but the heart and spirit of this country is in its small towns. I bet those rolls are terrific, and i cant wait to visit.

  5. cheyenne hunt

    Don’t know why anyone wouldn’t eat the food this is common southern food..and the rolls are not ate if they hit the floor.. Sounds good to me.. seems some people never appreciated the fine foods .. I never liked raw oysters or turtle soup either until I tasted it.. I haven’t made it a habit to eat hog jowls or pigs feet but I have at least tasted them ,, and they do taste very good.

  6. xijinping1953


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