Reasons To Make Granola This Weekend


Wow, it’s Friday and boy did this week really fly by. Did you get through it ok? That’s interesting. Hey so you know what you should make this weekend? Granola!

Have you ever made granola? You haven’t? My word. This is my favorite go-to granola recipe (it comes from the BAKED Cookbook) and many people who make it leave comments saying it’s too salty. I think these people are crazy because the saltiness is what makes it so good. Also because of all the sugar in it, it’s sort of like candy…which is probably why I like it so much.

If you want a healthier granola, turn to my friend Heidi Swanson. Actually hers has butter in it. And rose petals. Not sure if hers is healthier, then, but it certainly has more flowers in it.

Once you’ve made your granola, there’s so much you can do. You can serve it hipster style in a mason jar with yogurt and peaches as I did one year ago.


Or keep things simple and put yogurt in a bowl, top it with your granola and add a sliced apple.


Here’s a tip I stole from The Barefoot Contessa: to make your yogurt better (use thick Greek yogurt to start) mix it with orange juice squeezed straight from an orange, a splash of vanilla extract and some honey. It works wonders.

That’s what I did here before adding sliced strawberries from the farmer’s market. (I cut the orange that way–a Cara Cara orange–because it was easier to squeeze the segment into the yogurt; then I wrapped the rest of the orange in plastic and did the same thing throughout the week.)

Have I convinced you to make granola this weekend yet?

If not, look at it this way: make a big batch on Sunday and you can eat it throughout the week. And if you don’t want to serve it on just yogurt, try serving it on top of muesli. The soft muesli is a surprising foil to the crunchy granola.

Look, I’m not here to lecture you. If you don’t make granola this weekend, that’s fine, but don’t expect to be allowed back here on Monday. I’m going to find out about you and your not making granola and I’m going to block you from the blog because I will be so mad at you.

Have a great weekend!