People Who Salt Their Food Without Tasting It First

At Vegas Uncork’d, at the Border Grill lunch, a woman sitting near us received her first course, the corn arepa with lobster salsa and a fried egg and without touching it asked the waiter for some salt. The waiter paused for a quick second and then said, “sure,” returning moments later with a little dish filled with table salt. The fact that it was in a dish and not a salt shaker suggested that this request was not a common request at Border Grill. The woman proceeded to sprinkle salt all over her food and then, satisfied, she started eating.

Later on, Diana and I talked about this and of course we were judgmental. “What kind of person puts salt on their food without tasting it first? How did she even know that it needed salt which, by the way, it didn’t?”

Thinking about it more, though, I realized that I have some family members who sprinkle salt on their food before eating it. When I think about “why” it has very little to do with loving salt and a lot more to do with control. Maybe sprinkling salt on your food before eating it is a way of stamping it, of making the dish your own even if the dish doesn’t need it in any way?

Does anyone else know people who do this? Any idea why they do it? Inquiring minds want to know.