Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

Our landlords recently told us that they’re selling our apartment and so, despite how much we like it here, we’re going to have to pack up and move on July 1st. I’m already spending way too much time on (the big rental site out here) and a site called Padmapper (which puts Craigslist listings on a map) trying to find our next place. One thing I’ll miss about our current place, besides its proximity to a grocery store (Gelson’s) and a gourmet market (The Oaks) is Counterpoint, the used book store on our street. I’ve found many cookbook gems there, like The Mandy Patinkin Family Cookbook (which I didn’t buy) and The Cooking of Southwest France (which I did).

Recently, I found the book you see above: Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! by Ursel and Derek Norman for $4. $4!

As far as I’m concerned, this book is worth way more than that. It’s unlike any cookbook that I own; full of all kinds of tempting pasta recipes but, more importantly, illustrated in a totally unique and colorful way. For example, here’s the page for Linguine Con Vongole (a.k.a. Linguine with Clams).


Not only is the dish itself illustrated, but the recipe too is illustrated.


Besides Amanda Cohen’s excellent Dirt Candy Cookbook, I’ve never seen such a seamless fusion of illustrations, recipes and text. The book is as much fun to read and flip through as it is, I’m sure, to cook from (I think I may make the farfalle with mushrooms recipe first).

Again, I’m going to miss this neighborhood (Franklin Village) a lot (assuming we don’t find another apartment close by) but discovering unexpected cookbook gems at Counterpoint is what I’ll miss the most.

5 thoughts on “Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!”

  1. FUN! That cookbook looks amazing! Good luck with the move…never fun, but especially not when it’s something you didn’t choose. :(

  2. Oh I’m sorry you have to move! Always a chore and especially when you’ve enjoyed it there so much. Wishing you a great new place found easily.

    The book so intrigued me I had to go order [for the same $4 LOL actually 16 cents plus shipping ;)] and found she also has a bread book similarly illustrated [that one was 65 cents!]. I think they’ll not only be fun to peruse but will likely be great for my kids who love to cook and are starting to cook from cookbooks – the illustrations will appeal and they’ll have good step by steps to look at. Thanks!

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