Why Small Things Still Matter


Many people on Twitter (and the like) are complaining about frivolous food Tweets in the face of the tragedy unfolding in Boston. Time Out New York theater critic Adam Feldman, though, ReTweeted a quote from Leonard Bernstein that echoes my feelings precisely: “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

Small things don’t matter less in the face of tragic events like these; they matter more. To stop doing the things that we do–to stop creating our work, whether we’re bakers or bloggers or musicians or painters–is to render the terrorism more effective. We must help those who were directly harmed in any way we can; but silencing those who are trying to return to some kind of normalcy is misguided at best, sanctimonious at worst.

I say: continue sharing your recipes, your stories, your small gestures of normalcy in the face of tragic events. Those cookies you see in the picture are Armenian almond cookies called Nazook. We ate them outside, yesterday, on a friend’s porch while sipping tea. 24 hours later, the world feels darker but going back to that moment brightens things up for a second.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Boston right now. If there’s anything Amateur Gourmet readers can do to help, let us know in the comments.