Tasting Notes: Flemish Sour Ale, Delirium Tremens, Centine Toscana

My literary muscles have been flexed thoroughly on the subject of food, but not so beverages. And yet I drink beverages every day. I am drinking beverages right now! (An overly sweet Chai tea and a glass of water, for the record.) Last week I decided to throw my hat into the wine/beer writing ring by taking notes upon sipping from various bottles. What follows are my tasting notes for the various beverages I tried. I hope you will find them as useful and insightful as my regular work here. I hope to make this a regular feature.


Tasting Notes: Good.



Tasting Notes: Pretty good.



Tasting Notes: Nice.

That’s all for this week’s edition. Tune in next week for more wine and beer tasting notes!

6 thoughts on “Tasting Notes: Flemish Sour Ale, Delirium Tremens, Centine Toscana”

  1. Adam, just like everything on the site, the detail and insight is unique, on point and might i even say amateurish (;) Ha!)

  2. I used to love to drink Kriek when I was traveling in France and Belgium. If you liked the Flemish Ale you might enjoy that too.

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