Soaking The Pan


There’s a certain person that I live with (not the cat) who, whenever he does the dishes, often leaves a pan to soak. This infuriates me because I consider it the ultimate cop-out. Also, what it really means is that when he’s done there’s still work to do because when I want to cook the next day, I have to scrub that pan that he soaked. So I’ve really grown to resent soaking the pan and people who soak pans. That is until…

…I realized that soaking the pan really does do a lot of the work for you. Especially when you make something hard to clean like a baked pasta dish or that meat dish I made two weeks ago (Socca) where cabbage and beef got really stuck on to the glass. If you fill the pan with soapy water and leave it for a few hours, everything comes off much more easily with a sponge.

So I owe an apology to that person I live with only he probably won’t read this because he doesn’t always read my blog and it’s not like that’s an issue in our relationship because it’s not like I read everything he writes. Or do I? LIKE HIS JOURNAL?

See: aren’t you glad you read this far? We’ve learned so much about each other in this post about soaking the pan.

* * * * *

UPDATE: Reader David K. just shared this video on my Facebook Fan Page. It’s too good not to embed here.