Smoothie Update: Coconut Water & Mint

Hey, so I read all your comments on my smoothie post and you all have good smoothie ideas (though spinach in a smoothie still skeeves me out). The other day I had an idea of my own: instead of adding orange juice to my smoothie, I added a little box of coconut water. My goal was to make it taste like the coconut-infused smoothie from The Parker in Palm Springs and, sadly, the coconut water didn’t have that effect. (I’m thinking coconut sorbet might do the trick, or coconut milk.) Still: since coconut water is good for you, it was probably a smart choice. The best part was I added some fresh mint this time around and that really made things interesting. So give coconut water and fresh mint a try in your next smoothie… it’s refreshing!

3 thoughts on “Smoothie Update: Coconut Water & Mint”

  1. I add strawberries, peaches, spinach (freaked me out, too….can’t taste it at all), pineapple, and coconut milk. The coconut milk makes for a super smooth and yummy smoothie. I love it so much. I also add just a bit of cinnamon. It’s a natural appetite suppressant, but it’s also just a really need little flavor.

  2. I have a smoothie with kale in it most mornings, I think it adds even less green taste than spinach. I just use frozen kale because I am lazy, but I like it and get a serving of vegetables first thing.

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