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Hey gang, I’m in New York for 10 days and I’m looking for some new places to check out while I’m here. Where should I go? What should I eat? I’d prefer inexpensive places, but don’t be shy with your suggestions. There’s a good chance something you write in the comments right now will become a post next week…so get to it! And thanks.

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  1. Adrienne Smith

    Otto! I’ve heard amazing things about Mario Batali’s pizzas, pastas and olive oil gelato there. Nai on 1st Ave in the East Village has great tapas for great prices. And for one of my favorite breakfast experiences in New York, try B&H on 2nd Ave in the East Village. It’s a tiny, tiny vegetarian diner with a ton of personality, plenty of regulars and great food. You won’t even miss the bacon. For outdoor browsing on the weekend, you should head to Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg.

  2. I would suggest La Posada, a hole-in-the-wall Mexican Place on 3rd Avenue and 26th Street is pretty delgihtlful. Tiny, incredibly cheap and they have great chorizo burritos. I also like Pepe Giallo on 25th and 10th Avenue is also a delightful little Italian place near the High Line. They have an open back court open to the sky and filled with wonderfully scented plants in the spring and summer. I had a risotto with radicchio there once and it was delightful — creamy and just a touch bitter.

  3. HI Adam, my name is Mohan and I have been reading your very entertaining blogs regularly and enjoying them. If you get a chance, go to Sigiri, downright, lip-savoring, Sri Lankan homestyle cooking, on 1st ave between 5th and 6th st). Pack milk bottles with you since ordering mild or medium spicy is as fiery as flame.

  4. Come over to Long Island City and try out Casa Enrique for wonderful Mexican. Right by the first stop on the 7 train in Queens.

  5. My friend just introduced me to La Superior in Williamsburg for Mexican food. Cheap (cash only), the best fresh tortilla chips, my new favorite ceviche, an amazzzing tongue taco, and more that I can’t wait to try. The next time I go back it won’t be at 8 on a Friday night though—they tend to seat people on top of each other. And because we’re talking about Brooklyn, St. Anselm is far and away my favorite restaurant, but waits and dollars can add up.

  6. Caitlin Kenney

    This is the single hardest question a person can ask a New Yorker. Because there are too many answers!

  7. Oh my gosh, there is a dumpling place in Carroll Gardens that is amazing. I’ll get the name from my brother – he says it’s Eton. Take your food, then go down the street to Zombie Hut ( and get a Zombie and sit on the patio. Pull the straw out of the drink as they pour some liquor down it & it’s quite a first sip if you don’t.

    Anyway, the spicy and delicious dumplings are the perfect thing to eat on the patio at the Zombie Hut, and the frozen drink helps bring your taste buds back to life. :) My brother and his boyfriend take me here every time I visit, and it’s amazing (and inexpensive).

  8. I just got back and had the BEST lunch experience at The Meatball Shop, they have a few locations, I was in the LES. It is sooo tasty, tons of options that you pick “Choose Your Own Adventure” style with a dry erase marker and wipey menu. Really, really, good.

  9. ami@naivecookcooks

    I recently visited New york with my friend and I bought a dinner coupon on groupon for JUNOON, an Indian restaurant. I promise you it is little pricey but you will love it . Try to sit in the lounge area. Food was amazing!!

  10. Cafe China, Hanjan, Tertulia, Maysville (lunch is more affordable than dinner), Co. for pizza, Mighty Quinn BBQ.

  11. The pierogi at Veselka. (I dunno about the new location, but years ago when I lived in Hamiton Heights, in the dead of winter I’d make the trek to the east village, especially if it was cold and wet…)

  12. My favorite things I’ve eaten lately were the dal makni at Moti Mehal Deluxe on the UES (best Indian I’ve tried in a long while), the fried oyster sandwich snack at The Dutch, and the hen-of-the-woods mushroom at The Marrow. I also recently tried Angelo Sosa’s taco place, Anejo Tequileria, over in Hell’s Kitchen and was pleasantly surprised!

  13. Go to Celeste – 502 Amsterdam – it’s my favorite Italian in the world, and the ravioli is TO DIE FOR

  14. Jung Sik in Tribeca. Adam, I have been to so many amazing places, but I am not kidding when I tell you that Jung Sik is not only elegant, special, great service, but the MOST DELICIOUS meal of my life!

  15. When I had a 6:10 train to catch out of the city, I tried Bittman’s Co. in Chelsea. I liked the food, the decor and it was affordable… but I’ve been wondering if I was blinded by the name of Bittman at all or not. I’m not from NYC so I try to fulfill my foodie desires when I’m in the city… but, at the same time, not worship the foodie ‘gods’… I guess I question since the reviews aren’t 100% even though my meal was tasty. And, it couldn’t really be BAD……. my pizza had lardons or bacon the size of my pinky.

  16. Totto Ramen (try to go at an off time), Levain chocolate walnut cookie, Tipsy Parsons for brunch, Freeman’s for a bloody mary or Irish coffee

  17. Another plug for Smorgasburg in Williamsburg! A whole bunch of fun options all in one spot and I’d love to hear which vendors are your favorite…

  18. as far as new(ish) stuff goes: i’d have to say smorgasburg too, and whichever smorgasburg vendor is on feature at bowery whole foods; mighty quinn’s; le philosophe; pig & khao; any of the polenta boards at l’apicio; zabb elee for great thai; perla…so many…

  19. The new and larger Franny’s in Prospect Heights is amazing, as always. So fresh and fulfilling. I had a lovely lovely meal at a newer restaurant near Union Square called Feast. Four little courses and a desert for $38- the vegetable focused choice very pleasantly surprised all the meat eaters at our table. Hanjan is great- try the milky white unfiltered rice beer- so refreshing.

  20. You’re just in time for the food truck season at its best. The weather is finally beautiful and the parks have all brought out their tables. Every neighborhood has one or two outstanding trucks, just look for the one with the longest line. Whatever they’re selling, it’s guaranteed to be good.

  21. I’m assuming you mean you’re in NYC when you say you’re in New York? Cause New York is WAY more than just the City. My In-laws live in Upstate New York, and every time we go for a visit and I say we’re going to New York, everyone assumes that it’s the City we’re going to. It’s infuriating because New York has much more to offer than just NYC. There’s so much beautiful nature in upstate NY, quite the opposite of the city. Sorry for the rant, I love reading your blog!

  22. Porsena, Sara Jenkins restaurant in the East Village, Annisa in Greenwich Village, Buvette in the West Village for breakfast

  23. You must pick up some pastry or bread at Maison Kayser (3rd at 74th St). And Andrew Carmellini’s new place Lafayette just opened (Lafayette & Great Jones). I will always recommend Rai Rai Ken on East 10th St. for Ramen. Prima on East 1st between 1st & 2nd has a beautiful plateau de fruits de mer and a sweet little brunch. And although I have yet to go, Forager’s City Market is supposed to be great. And don’t forget Lucky Rice will be going on next week! The Night Market is a blast and a best bet for fun Asian street food. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  24. Was just in NYC a couple weeks ago, and my food highlights were Frankies Spuntino 457 in Brooklyn and Wafels and Dinges in the UWS. Frankies does really great Italian, great fresh ingredients and the meatballs are to die for. Wafels and Dinges would be great for an afternoon snack, they’re trucks and stalls selling very authentic-tasting Belgian waffels, best I’ve had outside of Brussels (try one with Spekuculoos spread!)

  25. Di Fara pizza, get a slice of regular with fresh snipped basil and a slice of square, because WHY NOT? everything else I loved is the typical thing you hear again and again like shake shack, and momofuku milk bar… bouchon’s tres milles crepe cake…. balthazar’s … pretty much anything

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