If I Eat This Scone

Why oh why did I buy this scone while sitting here at Proof Bakery in Atwater Village where the pastries are tempting and the cakes are alluring and I came for a sandwich but now I want coffee and while ordering coffee I heard my mouth say, “I’ll have a scone too” and the woman said, “It’s cherry” and I said, “Ooooh” and she said, “I’ll give you an extra big one” and I was like, in my head, “Nooo, don’t, because I’m supposed to go to the gym later!” and I know if I eat this scone I probably won’t go to the gym later which is faulty logic seeing as eating the scone should make me want to go to the gym more because there’s more to burn but, in fact, it makes me want to go to the gym less because I’ve already blown it, health-wise, so what’s the point as I stare at this scone in front of me and question whether I should eat it at all or just take it home to reward myself with later.

26 thoughts on “If I Eat This Scone”

  1. Ha-ha! It’s so true. The internal torment every food blogger goes through when we know we “shouldn’t” but we do anyway. Yesterday, it was me vs. deep dish pizza. The pizza won.

  2. I do the same thing! Once I eat one bad thing I chalk the whole day up to a “fat day” and just gorge. Those are my favorite days. Also, I ate a bagel and schmear for breakfast so…

  3. hey adam, this is a great post. just wanted to let you know i love the new direction you’re headed with these little fun/less formal posts interspersed with the bigger elaborate recipe posts. keep it up!

  4. Dena Cherenson

    I am always weak when it comes to scones. There is an amazing bakery around the block from my apt. and I pretend they are always cloased

  5. The sad thing is that even if you go to the gym and work out as hard as you can, you probably won’t burn as many calories as are in that scone.

    That was really funny, thanks!

  6. I’m always all, “oh I’ll just have a couple bites” then “well just half then” and then i hang my head in shame when all I’m left with is an empty plate in front of me… WHY DO I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL???

  7. LOL….this was great, Adam! Perfect post…before and after pics with your inner thoughts threaded in between.

  8. Can you see this as another comic strip – Adam with a diet devil on one shoulder and a diet angel on the other, each one battling for indulgence vs. will power, foodie fans cheering him on.

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